Edition Twelve 14 to 19 September 2009 (Wine by Cush)


Edition twelve has more posts but also has more to offer. Tastings notes are always afloat and so are book reviews. I have found beer a topic I am more and more drawn to. Beer may not have the richness of wine in terms of a beverage but can be a great remedy during poor economies. The foot traffic a beer-friendly establishment attracts maybe one of smaller dollar tickets compared to easy-sell that wine is, but beer traffic is steady and a lifesaver in a weak economy. I am drawn to beer as a topic. Ice wine from Argentina is another interesting development worth checking for various reasons. Drinking vessels are a common topic and will return. Cotes du Rhone maybe my favorite cheap red but also is a great wine for developing market niches that greatly benefit the public. Yelp continues as the evil of social media. I bet they had a memo about me at some point. They are very dedicated to how business should be done at the cost of everyone else. Cachaca is the newest gift the poor American public have received from another country and fights to be famous now. Food markets and food carts are continuing their slow development as a mainstay of San Francisco food scene. My favorite topic of beverage certifications is back and this time the restaurant staff should be to handle the learning challenge. Sens has started a very interesting trend. If the landlord cannot lease your large space, he/she can start its own restaurant. Who cares a large restaurant is very hard to run and will probably fail. It just needs to look good and “open” to keep property values and rents high which takes slight specialized help.


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