Re: BOOM: Foreign Cinema Plans Huge Mid-Market Restaurant


Witness the re-birth of SENS. A new generation of restaurants taking over San Francisco. Large commercial landlords with properties impossible to lease. The alternative: Open your own restaurant. The details of this new restaurant are very good and business maybe seasonal but will survive. Warfield and Golden Gate Theater will have spurts of crowds to fill the bar. Dining I don’t know. Did you know the concept of Prefix menu was invented so theater-goers could eat in a fixed period of time and make it to the show? Will there be two or three hour dining if the guests are from the theater or the zoo next door? I wish them best luck. Do remember the location is Market street but the streets in every direction are some of the worst, in SF, to walk through. And that is daytime. What time do they close for dinner? At sundown? Bart? Parking? The idea is great in many ways but one thing for sure its was the brainchild of no restaurateur. Will it survive? ABSOLUTELY. Remember the good old SENS. It has survived. What do we learn from its history:

1. Foreign Cinema, at this location, better be ready for unusual restaurant problems

2. An unlimited number of Shillers will be needed. Anyway, this location is done there will be consistent complaints because of the outside experiences will not be unheard.

3. Here is one occasion when an account at YELP will be worth gold. YELP is your friend. Citysearch is no good but will lock your account so nobody can write reviews. Worked for SENS. Two years and not one review on Citysearch. How to get the publicity? Yelp loves you. Need a merchant account though.

4. They may just be rumors but in case, if you want to copy SENS’ success(???), you need someone (someway) to repell the unfriendly media. Only friendly media may approach or there goes the three floors.


Mid-Market: Just in time for the sunny weekend comes a neighborhood newsbomb that sees the Foreign Cinema team planning a huge new, three-story, 255-seat restaurant on the stretch of Market Street that the BizTimes describes only as “troubled.”

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