Training: Cicerone Training Now Online


Beer has always been a very popular beverage in the US unlike wine which is not an original American beverage. Countries with climate too cold to grow vines, in Europe, have traditionally done a good job of developing unique lagers and beers. I like the idea of beer certification for obvious reasons but mostly because the arrogant FOH staff of most fine dining restaurants will be able to handle the level of skill and knowledge. Wine training is far more involved and comprehensive making potential candidates fewer and progress more difficult. The result has been the proliferation of “fake” professional staff. Staff who pretend to be knowledgeable but only have a shallow or even fake knowledge of the beverage products. Wine training maybe a challenge but most of the staff I have managed, over the years, are capable of undertaking and completing a beer certification. This should put them on a higher level of confidence and enable them to carry out sales of one product with bona fide knowledge and skill. Some of the beer certification graduates may find it easy to pursue wine study also. I also think cheese certification has the potential not only to sell cheese but also to encourage adequate food training to restaurant staff.


Training classes aimed at the first two levels of certification are now being conducted online.

Some classes meet just once for 2-3 hours.

Other classes meet for an hour once a week for two to four weeks.

All classes will be recorded so that registered students can catch up on classes they miss and review past classes prior to exams.

For more, see our training website at

Upcoming Classses

Current courses include preparation classes for Certified Beer Server and others aimed at Certified Cicerone candidates.

Certified Beer Server Classes (CBS)
Introduction to Beer Styles
Essentials of Beer Service

Certified Cicerone Classes (CC)
Advanced Beer Styles
Draft Beer Systems and Advanced Serving Issues
Certified Cicerone Review Course

Click here for a complete list of classes.
Features of online classes:

– You can participate in the course while sitting at your computer at home or work.

– Participate by VOIP (Internet audio) or through the dial-in phone line. (Long distance charges apply if you dial in.)

– Interact live with the presenter so you can ask questions and receive clarifications.

For more information, see our education website at:


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