Re: Warm Your Hands: Mugs Without Handles


When the wine glasses without stems first came out a few years ago, everyone was excited. Finally, a way to get back at the establishment. Individuality rules. The glasses are so cool. The fact remained the stems had a good purpose. They keep the hand temperature away from the contents of the glass. They were not just ornamental. Now, taking the handles away in a coffee mug can be a good idea because of the same effect. The temperature of the hand and the contents will mix.


Although temperatures in our part of the world haven’t dipped too low yet, we know that soon it will be brisk and chilly in the mornings. Our daily cup of coffee will be for warmth as much as for caffeine, and we love to fold our hands around a hot steaming mug for as long as possible. Here are a few mugs we love that don’t have handles to get between us and oour hot cup of coffee.

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