Re: The Woes of Nabbing a Reservation

Dining out maybe a common practice for many but what remains unchanged is that understandings of the dining experience from customer side and the restaurant side are still totally different.

Making a reservation has different meanings on each side. Customers think they know exactly what goes on in the restaurant and its booking system and try to make it work for them. And the restaurants can be wrong, in doing reservations, more often than you think. What may help both sides is to remember THE RESTAURANTS HAVE MANY MANY ONGOING PROBLEMS WITH RESERVATIONS. The process seems so simple and should work snap. It never does unless you two nightly seatings. Guests seem to underestimate how serious a business managing the flow of traffic in a restaurant is and how many things can go wrong to be expected ahead of time.

Somebody should make a booklet on successful dining in San Francisco and put it on Opentable for guests to read and also make own comments on what it says. That will become an up-to-date SF Dining 101 text because of reader comments.

Most guests make all the common mistakes before they master a system of their own for successful dining experiences and they can still be wrong because the system on the restaurant side is more complex yet.


The woes of nabbing a reservation

Between Meals blog by Michael Bauer

Gitane offers a sexy environment, and prime reservations are at a premium

I recently received an e-mail from a reader who was unable to book a table at Gitane at a reasonable time. Here’s the gist:

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