Re: “Legalize Cachaca” Movement Takes to the Streets


I agree that this is probably a great marketing ploy and even if they don’t make a big deal, once the public are used to Brazilian Rum and drinks of, the local name will kick in by itself. It is actually better for marketing purposes to make it easy to order the stuff. Once it is accepted behind the bar, you can call it whatever you want and the public will go for it. They are used to name changes and labels.

I have to make another point, however. Many spirits are, in fact, the same thing with slight differences. Grappa, Cognac, Armagnac, for example, are all brandies. You can call them Italian brandy, Expensive French Brandy and Local French Brandy.

The majority of spirits, worldwide, are made from some junk that is widely available locally. Vodka is not a cool and classy spirit by nature. The worst potatos, and what not, that were damaged, rotten, stepped-on and worse ended up in the process. They don’t put it through charcoal because they are so high class. They had to get the filth out of color, taste and smell. Tequila is made from Cactus. They literally went in the desert and found the only thing around they could beat alcohol out of. That is the history of it. Grappa is made from stems, seeds, skin and junk of grapes left after wine making. After wine is made, by law, this junk has to be turned over to distilleries. There is plenty to make booze from and get drunk. You can go on to the French. The Cognac and Armagnac grape of St. Emilion (among God knows how many names) is best to remembered as fit to be “banned.” It is a high yield, high acid grape making embarassing wines.

The THIRD MOST CONSUMED BEVERAGE in the world won’t cut it as status. It just speaks of what it is made of and who drinks it.

Brazilian Rum is not a bad name.


Leblon Cachaca is organizing a march this evening through North Beach to protest what it sees as the discriminatory labeling rules of the US Government.

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