Re: Côtes du Rhône Wine Region Debuts First U.S. Advertising Campaign.


I like the idea of promoting Cote du Rhone wines in the US. One big problem with selling French and Italian wines in US is the high price. Italian holds the top import spot and their wines are ridiculous in price, without blaming the Euro, for the quality. French have always been around and everyone likes to drink French at the restaurant table, because it is perceived as classy, but the mere mention of French wine in a restaurant implies expensive. French has become a hard niche on a wine list. Everyone has it and all customers think it is expensive. That is a given and many shy away, from French, automatically. Cote du Rhone supposed to have 10000 (or 6000?) producers and besides being my favorite casual red to drink, a good bottle of Cote du Rhonered is about $10 in a retail wine store so not much more in a restaurant. Promoting Cote du Rhone is very smart. It is a great niche to push French wine and make guests happy considering the fear of the price. I am sure Cote du Rhone will be steady and successful in US.


Posted in Wine News by Richard on September 11th, 2009
NEW YORK–(Press Release)–Inter-Rhône is pleased to announce the debut of a consumer advertising campaign this fall: “Côtes du Rhône: Always Right.” The campaign is the first from the region to run in the United States and will be featured in print publications in addition to out-of-home executions in the New York market.

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