Re: Cheese: Herbs and Cheese


I think cheese is best if great by itself without addition of any help ingrerdients. I didn’t know spices and herbs have to be cooked, for mold prevention, first and that is interesting but using add-ons can be a cheap way to market cheap cheeses to a population that only cares for the overall taste. That actually maybe a good idea to make many cheeses more palatable but good cheese should be kept pure or people lose faith in cheese.


from F Slashfood by Max Shrem
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Dutch Cheeses at Tromp in Amsterdam. Photo: Henk van Kol
Usually, thinking of Dutch cheeses with spices in them conjures up wheels of cheese with the usual cumin seeds or cloves. However, in the last few years, a whole slew of new spices and herbs, ranging from chile to wasabi, have found their way into cheese.

On a recent trip to the cheese shop Kaashuis Tromp, at Utrechtsestraat 90 in Amsterdam, we discovered an entire universe of cheeses classified as Klaver and flavored with various herbs and spices from around the world.

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