Re: Argentina exports first ice wine

I remember stories about Canadians making ice wine in the freezers. Wine folks do many admireable things and much only the insiders know. The Canadians got caught. Argentina has been coming up in the wine circles for many years and ice wine is a very interesting step for South America. I guess experiments are the way to go until the best have been established as a system.


Argentina’s first ice wine will hit the US market this year.

The sweet Malbec from Mendoza will be available in three American states, as well as Brazil and Columbia.

Viña Las Perdices president, Carlos Muñoz said its Las Perdices Ice is unlikely to compete with renowned ice wine producers Germany and Canada but added: ‘We just wanted to make something similar, but distinct, with a good price quality ratio’.

In the first two vintages, just 10,000 bottles were made.

The wine is made using an artificial freezing process called cryoextraction, so cannot use the term Ice Wine on its label.




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