When Wine Tastes Best: A Biodynamic Calendar for Wine Drinkers

I really like the idea of this book because what wine tastes like has a great deal to do with not only temperature but also location, height, humidity and much more. I quote a nameless wine salesperson saying ” you can taste the same wine in one place and then in another and they taste completely different.” I didn’t realize this until I kept attending tastings at the top of the top buildings in San Francisco. Have you noticed many of the tastings are at the top of biggest hotels. You cannot go any higher. Do they taste different? I can speak for wine I had already tasted. Why the same wine that I had tasted as very good or great tasted weak and bland at top of some building. Of course, you blame it on alcohol effect at first but taste of wine has to do with many things. I have a hunch any wine tastes better outside of San Francisco because of the proximity to water, the humidity and whatever is in the air affecting your taste.


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There are a huge number of wine producers following biodynamic principles; some proudly proclaim the fact on the label while others (such as South Africa’s Boekenhoutskloof) feel no need for such ‘marketing’ efforts. To the average drinker I guess such talk could be off-putting adding even more mystery to the complexities of ‘wine’.

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