NY Times Wine Club


People like clubs like this one. Serious wine drinkers may have own choices and plans but most busy people who like wine or like to pretend they are hip will get attracted to big name clubs such as this. Most busy professionals do not spend time buying stocks, etc. They invest in index funds which are made to match an index. That is the security plan for someone who has no time to follow trends and so on. Wine clubs are great for security in purchasing enough wine to be in and maybe even learn something. I think they can be a good way to put together a tiny cellar also. 2 bottles a week makes for 100 bottle cellar to drirnk on occasion.

from MissTheda.com by MissTheda.com

Just launched, The New York Times Wine Club, offering members a selection of wines at two price levels, $90 or $180 per six-bottle shipment, and customers can choose to have wine delivered every one, two or three months. Wine tasting notes are included with each shipment, along with related articles from the archives of The New York Times, such as gourmet recipes, wine commentary and wine region travel articles.

The wine club will be operated by the Global Wine Company, which selects the wine largely from small, family-run vineyards. I’ve already shot Global Wine Co and email to tell them about SuperNodes. Wine Clubs are a low cost and easy way to expand your wine palette. Plus you get to try wines that may not be available in your area.

How many SuperNodes would join a wine club with a $50 and $75 price point?


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