New Cheese Pricing at Whole Foods

Cheese is a dairy product and can be consumed regularly. It actually does have very many nutrients the body needs and fat issue has been blown out of proportion. Most high fat cheeses, that come as soft cheese, actually have less fat than hard cheeses regardless of what the percentages state. The hard cheese is dense and percentage of fat per volume is a lot. Soft cheese, which is accused for its 75% fat and so on, actually has less fat per volume compared to a piece of hard cheese of SAME WEIGHT. The reason is soft cheese has plenty of water and most of the mass is actually water. Anyway, this is a good article and honestly cannot blame Wholefoods. Cheese is great but expensive often. I still think since Europe and US always have problems, we need a good alternate source of really good cheese. Mexico is perfect. They are next door. If the more popular cheeses of Europe are copied in sense of style and quality, they can be made available in US as a FOOD SOURCE and not a fashion item. This kind of cheese can be affordable. It would make sense if the Europeans would manage the whole process since American corporations would do what they do with American cheese. A whole industry of Artisan Cheeses exists in US because of the terrible things the big business has done to American cheese. We need great quality cheese of hundreds of various types that is 1. affordable and not subject to the US-EC politics. We need cheese as a food source and not a political bargaining chip. Anytime something comes up, Department of State bans some kind of cheese from being imported until the Fed are happy to let it pass. Mexico has the human power, land and resources to make huge quantities of US-Artisan quality cheeses with personalities of European cheeses and everyone in US would gladly pay for them.


The Cheesemonger

Well, it’s not new pricing, exactly, but Whole Foods had made a pretty major change to their cheese signage. At first it seemed tricky, like a marketing ploy, but after giving it more thought, we think that it’s actually pretty genius — and moreover, a way to encourage the general public to buy more cheese.

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