Boxed wines are for green wine lovers

The time has arrived for more and more alternatives to traditional vessels for wine and other beverages. It comes down to who, where, when, and how of the wine to determine if an alternative such as box is suitable or not. Many will find it appropriate for most home use and since some producers offer more wine in box for the same price as less of same wine in a bottle, the box can be the choice depending on who sells their wines in a box alternative. The more, the merrier………


from Purple Liquid: a wine and food diary by Catherine Granger
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Forget Franzia’s 5 liter Merlot, boxed wine is now an integral part of the new green cuisine. Typically, boxed wine containers are recyclable and take less energy to produce, transport and recycle. Moreover, an increasing number of boxed wine brands use premium fruit sourced from sustainable vineyards.

The has a review of 8 green boxed wines:

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