Book Reivew: Cool Restaurants Top of The World




Cool Restaurants series has more than 20 or maybe 30 volumes for different world cities with photos of the best restaurants. I believe I have perused every volume and the notes I took number in hundreds. Good photographs of spaces such as restaurants show many valuable decisions made to utilize the space. The decisions are more than looking good but also to be effective in the function of the space. This volume is different in that the height and the width are that of a coffeetable book but it is about 3 inches thick. The paper is thick also and the volume is not too heavy but is 4 times the size of the other volumes. I found a few good things here but one consistent factor I noticed was 80% of all the restaurants in the photograph have very high ceilings in the dining rooms. Bacar is mentioned as having three levels for dining and the majority of the restaurants photographed here have empty interiors of that height. I found nothing else new in this volume.


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