Bartender retiring after more than 70 years


Aug 28 2009 6:32AM
Associated Press
WEST VIEW, Pa. (AP) A suburban Pittsburgh bartender is calling it quits after more than 70 years.

Angelo Cammarata served his first beer minutes after Prohibition ended in 1933, a 10-cent bottle of Fort Pitt at his father’s grocery store.

Ever since, except for a 30-month hitch during World War II, the son of Italian immigrants has been tending bar and serving drinks.

Guinness World Records dubbed him the longest-serving bartender a decade ago, and he’s earned induction into Jim Beam’s Bartender Hall of Fame and numerous other honors.

Now 95, it’s time for last call. He’s selling the two-room bar he operates with sons John and Frank.

As soon as the sale goes through, sometime in the next couple weeks, they’ll throw a final party, and he’ll move on to doing chores at home and taking care of his 92-year-old wife.

Cammarata says he has no regrets.


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