The Worst Drinks In America

I had to defend Sam Adams Light. The beer tastes great and definitely a challenge to the traditional water-beers called Light. The rest of the list puzzles me. Even if the listed are the worst, people will only remember them and buy them. The brands are too famous and there is such a thing as reverse advertising: Telling people something bad about a product knowing they forget the statement but remember the name of the product. Sunkist won’t lose any customers from this article but will gain. Starbucks samples are great for remembering Starbucks. One has 660 and the other has 760 calories and they belong on the list. The actual result is folks remember Starbucks’ name and will buy something else there. Check the list out.

20. Worst Light Beer
Sam Adams Light
124 calories
9.7 g carbs

Light beers generally range from 95 to 110 calories, but the Sam Adams Light contains 124. Kind of defeats the purpose of a light beer, especially when you can choose a regular Guinness Draught for just one more calorie. Choose a true light beer: Beck’s contains 60 fewer calories than the Sam Adams (that’s almost as little as one-half the caloric impact!).
Drink This Instead!
Beck’s Light
64 calories
3.9 g carbs
3.8% alcohol by volume


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