Table Manners! Do You Eat Fast or Slow?


I guess it does go back to childhood. Some people eat like animals but you won’t know till they keep drinking. I remember how shocked I was when a member of another culture was eating in front of me. The idea was novel to me: Instead of picking up the soup bowl, you can lower and put your mouth on the sitting bowl. That is okay but unusual. I learned something in film class. Americans used to go to movies before TV was common. Why do people eat dinner, etc. in front of TV? That habit transferred from the movies. They ate while watching in the theater. When TV arrived, the eating habit just arrived from the movie theater. Interesting!
from The Kitchn by Emma Christensen
Take the guests at any dinner party and we guarantee that half the table will have wiped their plates clean while the other half is still leisurely munching. This might be annoying to those of us who would love to, say, move on to dessert, but really we think people should just be allowed to eat at their own pace! Are you a fast eater or a slow eater?

In conversations with people on this subject, we’ve found that the pace of eating often goes back to our childhoods. We take our cues from how our parents eat, or in some cases, from how quickly an older sibling might snag the last scoop of something yummy! Personally, I’ve also noticed that I’ve become a faster eater as I’ve gotten older and as I’ve become more of a foodie. I always want to taste a little of everything, and then taste again, and then I find myself finished before I realize it! I try to slow down and savor each bite, but I’m still often done before my dining companions. What about you? Where do you think you learned your eating habits?

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