Edition Nine 21 to 28 August 2009 (Winebycush)


I have only a few posts for last week but my new blogging system has kept up with itself and that is the critical factor. I can concentrate on quality of my blog posts since the wordpress can handle the scheduling of any quantity of posts I feed it. I missed three tastings I had posted past week and I have to keep going till my mind gets into the tasting mode again. I made a schedule and I should do tastings of wine and beer at three local shops, cheese at two to three local shops, nose-around the farmer’s market at two locations, two to three trade tastings and one or more pizzerias. That ought to be a good back-bone for a passive tasting schedule that will keep me going consistently and allow for once-in-a-while significant tastings that come around. I may organize a bi-weekly tasting of my own as I have done in the past but is a big commitment for the long run. I have posted a few good articles I read this week but since the new blogging system has kicked-in, my focus is being shifted to field work as this post also shows. I think that is significant because if I taste actively, I will have several dozen posts of what I have tasted or eaten versus a few good articles I may find. I am sure my blog is making a critical turn in terms of content to be seen in a few weeks.


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