Coral & David Brown of Brown Family Vineyards (Ferry Wine Merchant)(Tasting #19)

Zinfandel. That is a great wine for many reasons and not great for many others. I always see great potential in a glass of Zin but at the same time the damn alcohol can be so high the experience can be shocking. Historically, 15% alcohol has been enough to make port. Port is fortified wine. The 15% reached is not its natural alcohol and needs extra help. Many California reds can come close and you have to remember the label sticker can be off by 2% legally. I have seen Zinfandel with 19.5% label. It is really hard to read those labels. It is like a practical joke label or some sinister system that issues a wine with labels bragging of doom and gloom because of drinking the bottle. I think psychologists call it a Significant Emotional Event. The sudden experience leaves such a mark that will never go away. That is my memory of Zinfandel labels. And of the wine? Zinfandel is great and I would not miss any opportunity to taste a good Zin. Too many people make Zinfandel making one patiently look forward to producers that make real Zinfandel to be able to appreciate. I keep asking myself if I have had Brown Zinfandel and I have and have not. All samples are Estate in this tasting so you should have a great experience and taste some REAL Zinfandel.


Coral & David Brown of Brown Family Vineyards

Famous Brown Estate Zinfandels

Host: Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant
Type: PartyBar Night
Network: Global
Price: $28
Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Time: 4:30pm – 7:30pm
Location: Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant
Street: One Ferry Building, Shop 23
City/Town: San Francisco, CA

Join us Wednesday, August 19th, from 4:30-7:30pm, when we welcome Coral and David Brown, proprietors of Brown Zinfandel to our Wine Bar. Brown Estate is a private family owned and operated estate winery tucked into the hills east of Rutherford in the Napa Valley. The family moved to Napa in 1980 and began planting 50 acres of vineyards in 1985. After selling the fruit to smaller wineries for several years, they started making their estate wines in 1996 and wine drinkers can’t get enough of them ever since. On this special evening, we will be offering quite an array of Zinfandels from various parcels of their property, plus an exotic dessert Zinfandel made from arrested fermentation. Having Coral and David Brown on hand at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant to tell their story and present their tasty wines is a huge bonus.


The featured wines are served as two ounce glasses. If you would like a full glass just ask your bartender. The wines will also be available for retail purchase.

The cost of the flight will be $28 and will feature the following wines:

2004 Brown Estate Zinfandel, Chiles Valley Retail $55, 5oz. glass $17.00

2007 Brown Estate Zinfandel, Chiles Valley Retail $45, 5oz. glass $14.50

2007 Brown Estate Zinfandel, Westside
Retail $48, 5oz. glass $15.25

2006 Brown Estate Chaos Theory
Retail $45, 5oz. glass $14.50

2006 Brown Estate Zinfandel, Arrested
Retail $48, 5oz. glass $15.25


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