Starbucks Wine, Yeah No Kidding.



Alcoholic beverages have different requirements for service than caffeine products. Starbucks will find out by the violence that will find its stores. Beer and wine will only work in stores located in very specific areas. They also will not bring much money. Alcohol needs space to be consumed. The majority of what Starbucks sells is made-to-go. You cannot sell beer or wine by glass to go. Alcohol has its own protocol in American society as it does overseas. Starbucks is violating the established codes. It is no surprise domestic wines are number one for this adventure. I hear they sell grapes at the ball park! Business is bad but limits exists to what is justified to empty warehouses.


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Starbucks this month began selling beer and wine at a Starbucks store in Seattle. If the test is successful look for your Barista to serve more than coffee.

In a national survey, more than half of Starbucks consumers said that of all beer and wine products, domestic wines were their favorite, Imported beers were in second place. In all regions, Australian red was the favored domestic table wine. Among imported wines, Cabernet and Pinot Noir were favored in the Midwest and south, respectively, with Chardonnay favored in the Northeast and West.

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