Sauternes producer targets nightclub goers


You can see how smart the French can be when it comes to marketing. I have hardly seen any good marketing ideas come out of California wine country except on rare occasions such as the Murphy-Goode Dream Job. The product is same as before but they are manipulating the packaging so they can place in more markets. They also target the product well for the customers. I guess the message for the American wine industry is to try all the different options and find the ones that work. The future may not be as the past when US wines had a guaranteed domestic market. The American wine-drinkers are very sophisticated compared to a few years back and wine knowledge is in fashion to stay. The competition has not got smaller but even bigger. They need to keep trying new ideas to find practical ones that work today and then look for some for the future.


Rebecca Gibb

A prominent Sauternes producer has started bottling its wines in a 100ml serve test-tube shaped bottle aimed at young drinkers in nightclubs.

Grand Cru Classé property Château d’Arche will launch its second wine, La Perle d’Arche, in the radical packaging in nightclubs in Bordeaux and Singapore in September.

Managing director Jérôme Cosson told ‘Lots of young people don’t know what Sauternes is or think it’s too expensive but when they try it they think it’s very drinkable.

‘We want to work with nightclubs to give customers the choice between vodka for the man and Sauternes for the lady. The idea is to put lots of them in a big ice bucket on the bar.’

The 100ml container sealed under screwcap can also be carried in hand luggage on flights and Cosson intends to create a five vintage box-set for tourists.

The 2005 vintage will be the first released under the new packaging.

The product is primarily aimed at the Australian and Far Eastern markets but Cosson is also looking for UK and US importers.

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