Edition Five – July 24 to July 31, 2009

The fifth edition is out and so many things have changed I am doing the same edition note for all my blogs. The changes equally affect all.

Deleted A Blog By Mistake? The big news is I deleted my critical thinking blog (writtenbycush) by mistake. I was deleting an old blog but was already logged in to writtenbycush. I did read and follow all the warnings but since I was already logged in everything pertained to the wrong blog. When I clicked the next day, I got a blank page! “The blog has been deleted by its authors!” Fortunately, I had autopost almost every post of writtenbycush blog to another blog (readbycush). I just imported them but have lost the name for good. Writingbycush is the new blog.

Blogdesk. I started using a desktop publisher to reduce my blog work. I have begun analyzing some good photos for my photography blog and the process of creating a post with comments and pictures takes a very long time. I finally gave up. I had to find a new system and Blogdesk is an offline desktop publisher that does a dandy job. It took time to set it up but is great. That should cut back on my posting time starting Edition Six.

Changes to My Blogs. I spent so much time changing my systems I hardly had time to write posts for some of my blogs. However, I did create a better system. I have a critical thinking and a wine blog published weekly. They are my left brain blogs. I also have a photography and a video blog published weekly. These are my right brain blogs. I did not plan them that way. Once I finished my notes and plans for changes the four weekly blogs appeared so. My other blogs are updated in real time. One big factor for the changes is the readership. Writingbycush targets literary types and a college-educated audience. Winebycush targets food and wine professionals only. Photosbycush and Moviesbycush target fellow photographers and videomakers who are artistic types. Each of the four magazine blogs will have own content now. Writingbycush specifically will only have critical thinking content and if the articles are about food and wine, they have to appear in Winebycush only. My other blogs are written for the general public. They really don’t give to being magazines and serious in design. I decided it is best to post whatever and whenever to these blogs.

Worldofcush is a potpourri blog for the general public. Posts from my other blogs get duplicated here. The posts will be organized by which blog they originated from. It is updated in real time. Edition five has dozens of new posts.

MyAsACush has a few posts for Edition five which means I had to change the system again. This blog will post in real time as it originally did. If I have anything good to say, I will make a post and the post will appear sometimes later.

Reviewsbycush has not changed and will post in real time. Edition five has mostly book reviews.

Winebycush has a few posts and tasting notes for Edition five.

Writingbycush has replaced writtenbycush, which I deleted by mistake, and has very few posts this week because of my time shortage. This blog has no more food and wine posts even if the writing qualifies as critical writing.

Photosbycush has found a new format for Edition five and has 45 photographs I have analyzed. I prefer this approach because I can learn and share more. The old system was weak in analysis.

Moviesbycush has only book reviews of what I read last week but since every blog has finally been systematized successfully, this blog will have more content now. Video clips are the most time consuming content to produce. I am hoping I eventually do at least one for each edition.

Videoblogbycush has no editions and publishs in real time. I deleted the episodes I had last week. I have developed a successful format which is quick and easy to do but very strong in communication. I have more than a dozen scripts ready and sooner or later the posts will appear. This blog targets the same professionals as Writingbycush and Winebycush. The original source for my videoblog will on blip.tv and I have named my videoblog CushTV. The posts will appear at cushstv.blip.tv and later on my wordpress.com videoblog.


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