Whole Foods Wine Robbery Stopped


I used to work as a bartender once and the lunch had just ended making the bar and restaurant empty.  I walked over to the service end of the bar and a very skinny waiter was doing his paperwork to go home.  His face was so pale and I asked him if he was okay.  He nodded yes.  I was standing in the middle of the bar busy standing around and I saw him drag himself toward me over the bartop trying to utter some words.  He kept opening his mouth but no words came out.  I was aghast and walked over leaning over the bar asking him if he was okay and he kept gasping and I finally heard him almost whisper “I need a drink.”  And I look at him and said “what? are you crazy?”  He tried again and said “I think I am getting sick.”  I said that is better.  Just go home and come back tomorrow.  He disappeared for good a week later.  A fellow waiter referred to him as a “functional alcoholic.”  Welcome to the food and beverage industry and the cops here are the same as any other city.
from SF SFist by Brock Keeling

Plug 1 of What I’m Seeing came across this scene at the Whole Foods located a block away from SFist HQ, over on Fourth Street and Harrison. He explains:

According to one of the security guards, the fellow in cuffs attempted to rack a bottle of wine and some take-out dinner from the market just moments before I arrived. As they tackled him to the ground, the bottle of wine broke, drenching his tee-shirt. What made the situation worse was that the fellow was not only full of adrenaline, but deaf. It took some time for the security guards to realize this, but not before completely wearing this guy out. San Francisco’s Finest arrived a few minutes later, called an ambulance, and took the suspect away.

Depravity and desperation of the thirsty guy aside, this really is a great shot of security guards taking him down. Here’s another one.

And, yes, thank God, our rosés are safe… for now.


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