Starbucks to Sell Wine

************************************************ The article said also but I thought before I read that coffeehouses are supposed to serve some wine and beer.  Corporations recreate and redefine things to serve their ends and Starbucks concepts are no different.  The history of coffeehouses is a wonderful read and the coffeehouses are going to move in the direction of the originals if economies fail to cooperate.  The original coffeehouses existed to serve a legitimate community need and not to make money.  Speaking of money, the concept of "tip" was invented in British coffeehouses.  The signs said "tip" to get faster service.  The original coffeehouses were also centers of trade and politics.  They served as stock markets and were outlawed big time because of the dynamics of the places. One last note and if anyone remembers Hitler and his buddies used to gather in German pubs (specialized coffeeshop) and drink.  They did walk over to the government center and took over it to rule more than once until it really happened.  I guess that makes the original coffeeshop concept unAmerican and Starbucks is now to be watched carefully for the activities developing inside its stores.

Richard Woodard

Coffee chain Starbucks starts selling wine and beer in three Seattle outlets this week, part of an ongoing revamp aimed at turning around the company.

The new 15th Ave Coffee and Tea concept, said the company, was inspired by the original Starbucks coffee houses, before the chain expanded to the point of ubiquity. 

The addition of wine and beer to the menu comes as the company continues to shrink, with up to 1,000 shops earmarked for closure around the world. 


A Starbucks spokesperson was unable to give any details of the number or style of wines on offer in the new shops. 

'Starbucks decided to build a new type of coffeehouse that would serve customers throughout the day, and in the true spirit of a traditional coffeehouse this store would serve beer and wine,' she said. 

'We have a short-term plan to open three stores in Seattle at this time. We know that we can learn a lot from these stores and hope to take these learnings and present Starbucks, in this new way, to our customers in other communities where it makes sense.' 

The company said it had no plans for similar ventures in the UK. 

The announcement came as Starbucks unveiled better than expected third quarter financial results, a profit of US$151.5m, overturning the company's first ever quarterly loss of a year ago. 


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