Winebycush Edition Four – July 17 to July 24, 2009

Wine articles will increase in numbers slowly as I had intended and the book reviews will remain a few. I still follow the better local tastings and soon should actively attend. My tasting notes should be of some use since I will taste enough to provide a good selection of localy-available wines mostly at mid-range retail prices. We will see once I begin. Making tasting notes on a blog requires a workable system and I think what I already have should do the job.

What is a sommelier is a definition article I wrote that should give a little more than what is usually known about this misunderstood profession. Wine drinkers speak on regions and the wine business should listen but that would be a first if they do. World’s largest appellation is a great marketing gimmick and is here. Liquid coke found in wine bottles and why is that a surprise? The beer menu is here and soon will be recognized as a must for restaurants to maintain high foot traffic and survive. Amarone needs saving as does anything else legitimate. The $1 million wine book tells us what wine business is also about that many would not be able to grasp. Alsace has always done great with its wines and the governments done their best to hinder its success. How to be a regular in a restaurant is a very good topic to dwell on both for the guests and the restaurant owners. I wish the media would maintain a strong hold on this topic. Regulars can keep restaurants in business during whatever hardtime and they should be cared for and watched for as a great hedge to the point of management specializing in handling this section of the guest traffic. Wine critics are born and made. I share the tale of a good friend who fits the not-much-heard-of category of a non-taster. Shafer does it not. Media is getting bold questioning the industry. Yes Virginia Merlot is not a noble grape. Lebonase wines are coming and I told you first.


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