Craft Brew Turning Japanese (Tasting #15)

This sounds very interesting. I have to admit my palate is very limited when it comes to East Asian beers and Japan is no exception. On the other hand, I am sure finding excellent but beer too-expensive to drink is not an impossible challenge regardless of the region. That leaves me wondering how good the Jugshop offerings are this Friday night……………..

Friday, July 24th, 2009
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Loosen your kimonos!

When most people think of Japanese beer, the crisp clean lagers of the brewing giants such as Asahi and Sapporo come to mind. These beers compete with many of the industrial brews from America on grocery store shelves across the country and in many ways show very similar characteristics. This comes as no surprise considering that before 1994, strict tax laws in Japan prevented breweries with a capacity of less than 2 million liters from obtaining licenses. Since the laws were loosened, Japan has seen the opening of over 100 micro-breweries, with a few of them producing innovative world class beers bursting with Japanese style.

On Friday, The Jug Shop is pleased to present two breweries that showcase the emergence of Japan as a force in the global craft brew scene. From the 180 year old Kiuchi Sake Brewery we will be pouring the Hitachino lineup, including their Nest White Ale, Red Rice Ale, Celebration Ale, XH, Espresso Stout and Real Ginger Ale. Then from the foot of Mount Fuji, crafted by the American brewer Bryan Baird, Baird Carpenter’s Mikan Ale and Baird Jubilation Ale will be featured.

Brewing in Japan is expensive and these breweries are committed to producing quality brews despite the cost, which is reflected in the retail price. This is an amazing opportunity to taste over $60 worth of world-class Japanese ale at a substantial discount in the relaxed, beer friendly atmosphere of The Jug Shop beer garden. Special tasting day discounts will also be available for all orders placed that night. Kanpai!

Japanese Craft Brew
Friday, July 24th
6p to 8.00p
$20 per person

at the Jugshop


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