Liquid cocaine found in bottles of Bolivian wine

************************************************714 litres of 1020 bottles were liquid cocaine and 68 whole bottles were real wine!!! I wonder what else goes around in the form of sealed bottles of wine or any other product that is factory-sealed and cannot be inspected properly!!! Too many things can be shipped from anywhere to anywhere. Wine business has never been a clean business but the incidents of authorities catching anyone red-handed are not very common or at least not widely publicized. People have been cheating in the wine business for centuries. Even when Jesus bothered to change water to wine, the guests exclaimed they had caught the host making a mistake by offering the good wine after the cheap wine thus failing to cheat in the wine service.

Sophie Kevany in Lima, Peru

The discovery of liquid cocaine in bottles of Bodegas Kohlberg wine has shocked the owners of the 40-year-old winery in southern Bolivia.

The narcotic was found during a drugs inspection by customs officers in Bulgaria, at the port of Varna-West.

Wines from Vinos Kohlberg are normally exported from Bolivia via the Chilean port of Arica. No Kohlberg wine is currently exported to Chile.

‘We export about 10% of our production to the Czech Republic and China, via Chile, but those shipments have not even left yet,’ said Herbert Kohlberg, marketing manager at the winery.

The Kohlbergs condemned the adulteration of their wines. ‘This illegal action is absolutely not what we stand for,’ said Lisette Kohlberg.

Of the 1020 bottles of Kohlberg wine – 765 litres – discovered by Bulgarian authorities, news agencies reported 714 litres was liquid cocaine. The rest – 68 bottles – was reported to be real wine.

The Kohlberg winery is a leading Bolivan brand, producing about 2.7m litres a year. Wholesale prices range from US$1.85- $14.85 per bottle.

Principal varietals include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Malbec.

Bolivia has a cult reputation for its ‘high altitude’ wines. The country is also the world’s third-largest producer of cocaine, and the third biggest supplier to the US after Colombia and Venezuela.

Last week a former Bolivian cabinet minister, Colonel Luis Arce Gomez was deported from prison in Miami after serving almost 20 years for cocaine smuggling.

Smuggling cocaine in liquid form is not uncommon. Earlier this year a London cab driver died after drinking the drug from a rum bottle which had been innocently given him.


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