Edition Three – July 10 to July 17, 2009

Edition three has two book reviews: Food is a good reading if you are interested in the issues of the food industry and I read a novice text “Choosing Wine” which attracted me because it is part of Teach Yourself series of how-to books.  I was not impressed and doubt I can recommend the text to many wine novices as a good beginner course.  French and California have huge problems in the wine industries and many changes are needed to keep the industries healthy.  And I believe the fewer wine glasses around, the more consistent the wine tasting and drinking experience will be as an industry standard.  I have had excellent experience with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay which makes me eager to accept advice on trying New Zealand Pinot Noir as a strong region for good-quality value Pinot Noir.  Wine for the Confused is an interesting novice wine video and should interest some with its sarcasm and chauvinism.  The fake Murphy-Goode publicity job has used up its marketing momentum and is beginning to reveal itself for what it really is.  I have stopped looking for cheeses with very unique qualities because the price and the rarity make them not food items any more:  La Tur has a great feature that may justify the previous faults.


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