Edition One – Week of June 24 to July 2, 2009

My scheduling has changed and I changed my blog posting to once-a-week on Wednesday or Thursday.  The new posting schedule by accident gave me the ability to package my posts for the preceding week in a coherent package.  I named the weekly packages “Editions.”  Each edition has a summary and table of contents for that week.

Edition One announces a few local tastings of beer, and wine.  A few group discussions I had conducted on LinkedIn network are posted here.  Wine delivery vehicles is the big topic.  Only a few years ago, screwtops were introduced as a viable alternative to the traditional cork and today the consumers have accepted the use for less expensive wines.  Wine-in-box was invented by Australians and has one advantage over every common delivery vehicle for wine:  Oxygen fails to contact the wine after the consumption has begun.  New opportunies loom for the cheaper and more resilient wine-in-box.  Canadian Chardonnay won a notable award opening a discussion on the significance of such competitions and the climate warming effect on agriculture.  The French produce massive quantities of wine as do Spanish and Italians but French lead innovation in marketing and winemaking.  Technology to reduce alcohol in the wine made for a disucssion on whether alcohol is a quality factor by itself or not.  A few interesting articles and photographs made it into Edition One and I reflect on a few books I read relating to wine and food.

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